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Artists By Genre: Christmas: Children's

The Beach Boys

Louis Armstrong

Bing Crosby

Ella Fitzgerald

Toni Braxton

Conway Twitty

Brian McKnight

Brenda Lee

Crazy Frog

The Countdown Kids

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Burl Ives

Perry Como

Vanessa Williams

Gene Autry

Johnny Horton

Rosemary Clooney

Chubby Checker

Petula Clark

Louis Prima

Glenn Miller

Elizabeth Mitchell

Dave Koz

Ruth Roberts

Gayla Peevey

The Rippingtons

David Benoit

Norman Brown

The Lettermen

The Goons

Gerald Albright

Lou Monte

Rick Braun


The Kiboomers


Bobby Vee

Danny & The Juniors

The Little Series

Twin Sisters

David Frizzell

Sleep Music Lullabies

Tommy Edwards

Spike Jones

Ralph's World

Tom Lehrer

Dr. Elmo

Eric Marienthal

The Weavers

Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Sing n Play

Ace Cannon

David Seville

Stan Freberg

Eva Ayllón

Amber Sky Records

The Crew-Cuts


Christmas Primotrax

The Singing Dogs

The Christmas Jug Band

Raimond Lap

Yogi Yorgesson

Orange Kids Music

Jimmy Boyd

The London Fox Children's Choir

Millie Small

Steve Wingfield

Christmas Kids

David Huntsinger

The Three Stooges

Cast - Vampirina

Los Niños de Navidad

Henri Dès

Brett Raymond

Neva Eder

Cast - Fancy Nancy

Dennis Scott

Adam Faith


Cast - Muppet Babies

St Thomas's Boys Choir Leipzig

Marcus Viana

The Julius Jr. Garage Band

The Christmas Presents

The London Fox Kids Choir

Emily Arrow

Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers


Paul McSleigh

Nymphenburger Kinderchor


Judson Mancebo


Orquesta Música Maravillosa

Cast - Doc McStuffins

The Sportsmen

The Melodeers


Captain Kangaroo

Danny Weinkauf

Chaka Khan

Betsy Palmer

The Singing Angels

Los Minitrónicos


Concino Children's Chorus

Marco Pastor Estelles

Art Rooney

Adrian Pieragostino


Techno Kids

Ricardo Cepeda

Diana Decker

Tina y Tin

Toy Wood

Rockin' Red Robin

Georgi Vinogradov

Coro Infantil "Los Campanilleros"

Santa & His Helpers

Stephen Gilbert

Baby Nephi

Philharmonischer Kinderchor Dresden


The Kidds

Roland Zoss

The Reindeer Parade

Holly Mistletoe

Greg Page

Shakin' Santa

T J McCloud

Ivana Kindl

Grant Maloy Smith

Debbie & The Darnels

Los Niños Cantores


The Mince Pies

Lonnie & The Crisis


Merry Fairy

Elfin John

Christmas Chipmunks

The Sparkle Girls

Rundfunk-Kinderchor Berlin


Lucid Collection


Rockin' Reindeer

Ants Ants Ants

Elf & Safety

The Right Side Singers

Michael W. Nelson

International Children‘s Chorus

Los Niños Cantores del Nuevo Perú

St. Nick

Pan De Dioses

Didi Pop

Chór Dzieciecy Cartusia

Rockin Red Robin


A Voces Grupo Vocal Infantil y Juvenil

Dzieci I Młodzież Z Ogniska Muzycznego Presto

Lu Ann Simms

Los Niños Cantores de América

Rickey Zahnd

Marlene Paula

Grupo Nueva América, Orquesta & Coros

Conjunto voces blancas

Feiert Jesus! Kids

Georgy Moravsky

Vicky Stine

Los Mairena

Little Baby Bum Comptines Amis


Jantje Smit

Männerchor des Rundfunkchores Leipzig

Detlev Jöcker

Merrily Ensemble

Los Cantaseries


Junge Dichter und Denker

Ranten Quartet

The Peter Pan Carollers

Santa Claus and His Helpers

Pediki Horodia Spirou Lambrou

Mr. Ken

Corale Natalizia

Prairie Oyster



Die Originale

Les Petits Gamins

Coro Infantil: La Casa De Los Petisos

St Nick & The Baubles

De Zangertjes Van Volendam

Auntie Sally

Kathrin Jädicke

Christmas Music Club n.1

Alte Weihnachtsspieluhr "Kalliope"

Marcos Pastor Estelles

Lorenz Maierhofer

Chór Dziecięcy - Szkoła Podstawowa w Sieprawiu

Piccoli Cantori di S. Francesco

Diana Day

Santa 4 Kids


St. Nicholas Children's Choir

Santa Claus Party Music Club

Holiday Music Planners

Kinderchor der Peter-Rosegger-Schule Gärtringen

Alle i Vinterbyøster

Ghezzi Ernesto

Xmas Kiss

Country Red Star

The Country Music Dancer

Christmas Dj Baby

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