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Artists By Genre: Christmas: Modern

LeAnn Rimes

The Waitresses

The Goons

Squirrel Nut Zippers

The Marcels

The O'Neill Brothers Group

Christmas Songs

Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Eddie Fisher


Betty Johnson

Summer Camp

Steve McDonald

Elijah Bossenbroek

Millie Small

Brandon Chase

Mark Payne

Don Clayton

David Adam Byrnes

Ken Medema

Pink Buddha Lounge Café

Crystal Yates

Fans of Jimmy Century

Erba Tom

NMR Digital

Ibiza Erotic Music Café

The Youngsters

Stephen Edwards

Denny Strickland

Brian Protheroe

Liz Kennedy

Bob Chester


Orquesta Música Maravillosa

Harri Kakoulli

The Prairie Ramblers

Brady Harris

Tyler Jordan

Ali Morgan

Ali Morgan


The Young Fables

Thomas Holm

Christmas Cafe

Dave Kennedy

Daughter Jack

Tesca All Stars

Gabe Burdulis

Christmas DJ

Christmas Eve

Paco Rentería

Greencastle Homer

Leilani & The Distractions

Taste of Lounge

Lord Douglas Byron

Tony Winkler

Christmas 2013 Djs Collective

Giovanni Lodigiani

Chill Out Angels

The Winter Experiment

The Hepsters

The Modernairies

Cordell Jackson

Mimmo Mirabelli

James Vincent

Orchestra Veneziana

The Ranch Road Band

The Four Imperials

Steve Swindells

Radio Farm

Tammy White


Phillip Gelbach

Lee Durley

Exercise Music Prodigy


Eloy Espinosa

Lauren Godwin

Kevin Toomey

French New Wave Music Club

Ageeth de Haan

Audrey Hannah

Vida Mays

Mitt & the Merrymakers

Flash Point

Brendan Hanlon & the Bat Men

David Escalante

Christmas Party Ideas


Celestial Lite Orchestra

CC Witt

Helena Schneider

Pierre Ex Magazine 60

Josué Carrillo

Noel Singers

Kay Dörfel

Arthur Ebeling

Mid August

The South Beach Elves

Office Party Dj

Juliet Howland

Donnie Rowlett

The New Fever

Sandra Culp

Wood Hitch

Western Bells

City Life Church

Statement Of Power




Daniel DeBlanke

Coro Flamenco de Navidad

Arthur Hendriks

Robb Johnson & The Corbynistas

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