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Artists By Genre: Healing

Frank Sinatra

Mark Bowden

Judy Garland

Liquid Mind

Fred Astaire

Deva Premal

Belleruth Naparstek


Shaman Durek

Al Jolson

Dean Evenson


Kelly Howell

Vera Lynn

Peter Kater

Johann Pachelbel

Kevin Kern

Serenity Spa Music Relaxation

Spa Music

Massage Tribe

Deep Sleep

Dooley Wilson

Yoga Music

Manish Vyas

Nature Sound Series

Bernward Koch

Asian Zen Spa Music Meditation

Pure Massage Music


Christian Daniels

Concentration Music Ensemble

Dr. Rick Collingwood

Best Relaxing SPA Music

Tibetan Singing Bowls


Frank Steiner Jr

Sacred Earth

Reiki Healing Music Ensemble

Green Nature SPA

Meditation Relax Club

Amrit Kirtan

Julia Westlin

Chyi Yu

Lin Hai


Various Artists

Spa & Spa

Chakra Balancing Sound Therapy


Wellbeing Series


Daphne Tse




Shakuhachi Sakano

Mindful Meditation

Zhang Wei-Liang

Pet Music World

Ananda Yogiji

Kenio Fuke

Shi Zhi-You

Liquid Relaxation

Reiki Music Academy

Spa Music Spa

Mental Physic Series

Spa Music Dreams

Heather Waxman

Oriental Music Collective

Lex Van Someren

The Marcello Player

Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra

Office Music Specialists

Pet Care Music Therapy

Liquid Blue

The Suntrees Sky

Massage Therapy Ensamble

Makoto Kubota

Jacky Wu


Wellbeing Series

Shamanism Healing Music Academy

Healing Massage Music Masters

Binaural Serenity Mind

Pablo Arellano

Kristina Lee

Delta Don and Theta Mind Cream

Dzen Guru

Guided Meditation Maestro

Sleep Music Dream


Noble Band

Cello Fan


Yoga Trainer

Nick Barbachano

Chakra Balancing Sound System

Masami Sato

Jorge Herrera

Kyle Lovett

Massage Music Masters

Double Zero

Xu Qing-Yuan

Meditative Music Guru

CinCin Lee

Agua Del Mar

Hao Han

Medical Sound


No Stress Ensemble

Tai Chi Music Institute

Brain Study Music Specialists

Rajendra Teredesai

Nanjing Dynasty Orchestra

Wang Jian-Min

Gong Yi

Nancy Veldman


Dreaming Sound

Judy Wu

Wang Jian-Yuan

Dallas Smith

Wang Sen-Di

Eric Amarillo

Ma Chang-sheng

Wang Wei

Hans de Back

Spa Music Masters

New Age Healing

Meditating Music

Rick Batyr

Pregnant Mother

Relax & Relax

Musica Para Relajarse

Lin Fu Chan


Ayurveda Massage Music Specialists

Amelia System

Ean Grimm

stargods Sound Healing

Subliminal Research Foundation

White Noise Sleep Therapy

Lei'ohu Ryder

Bajune Tobeta

Yoga World

Kathy Hernandez

Don Tung

Wang Xu-Dong

Underwater Sounds of Nature


Makiko Hirohashi

Kang Qiao

Yantara Jiro

The Haiku Project

Jonah Littlesunday

Chen Da-Wei

Uplifting Music Specialists

Mira Lin

Subliminal Self Help Group

Akira Takahashi

Naylor & McKenna


Silicon Brain

Ken Yang

Satori Meditation

Qian OuYang

Spiritual Health Music Academy

Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

Zen Music Club


Healing Music Spirit


vagally vakans

Meditation Spirit

Yang Chun-lin

Zhao Xi

Lin Hai

Lullabies Dream

Relaxation Music Therapists

Jen Rose

Massage Therapy Room

Pilates in Mind

Hotel Spa

Nature Caldwell

Meditation Mind

Music Box Mini

Crystal Healing

Reiki Music Light

Hsu Man-Huuan

Malou Berg

Beta Alpha Theta Wellen Waves

Jana Wehbe

Zen Nadir

Self Recovery

Vibrational Healing


Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

Musica para Meditar Especialistas

Reiki & Reiki

Mike Hutchens

Michael Jazz

The Cocoon

Christian Bollmann

Ling Nieh

Wang Jun-Jieh

Angels of the Light

Allison Pinnock

Elsa Huang

Subliminal Healing Music

John Young

Ron Bracale

Soothing Motion

Claudio Scozzafava

Acupuncture Music Master



Justin Johnson

Effective Subliminal Music


Chang Yung-Chih


Eternal Now

Hypnosis Academy


Relaxation J. Trainer


Salinas Fernandez


Yves Mesnil

Takashi Kokubo

Electronic Opium

Seby Burgio

Wellness Media

Autogenic Training Music Rec.

Zen da Berg

Martin Brookes

Spa Dreams Composer

Yvonne de Bruijn

Tiefenentspannung Atmospheres

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