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Cardi B Didn't Always Look Like This

Cardi B Didn't Always Look Like This

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Duration: 10:02

Date: June 18, 2019

One of the most famous rappers in the world, Cardi B blew up the music scene when she dropped her single "Bodak Yellow" in 2017. But Cardi B actually had quite a rough start in life. From rags to riches, this is the stunning transformation of Cardi B.

Although the world knows her as Cardi B, the name she was given at birth in 1992 by her Dominican father and Trinidadian mother was Belcalis Almanzar.

She came of age in New York City and had a pretty strict upbringing, as her mother wouldn't let her attend sleepovers for fear she'd fall prey to opportunistic and abusive men. Additionally, Cardi B described herself as, quote, "a very fragile child," according to GQ.

The main reason Cardi B was so vulnerable was because of her health. Her asthma was so severe that she would spend time in the hospital for weeks at a time because of it. But, fortunately for all of us, Cardi B is still here, and she is stronger than ever.

Watch the video for more about Cardi B!

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"A very fragile child" | 0:16
"No hood hooder" | 0:58
Juggling work and school | 1:46
Stripping empowered her | 2:39
Behind the behind | 3:33
Landing Love & Hip Hop | 4:24
Smiling all the way to the bank | 5:32
Her dental work inspired people | 6:24
"Anything a man can do, I can" | 7:09
Career and child come first | 7:52
Making music history | 8:46

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