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Dean & Castiel – Bad Liar (Imagine Dragons)

Dean & Castiel – Bad Liar (Imagine Dragons)

Uploader: AngelDove

Size: 6 MB

Duration: 4:22

Date: November 24, 2018

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This has taken me three-ish weeks to edit due to problems with computer – I reinstalled windows countless times. I finally managed to work out the problem and so, I am able to edit again.
Long story short, I really love this song, and I wanted to edit with it, I thought it would be good for Dean and Cas, but then while I got into editing it I realized that it doesn’t really match them exactly and a lot of lyrics/meaning of the song doesn’t match. However, I really, really love the song and decided to not scrap it and just work to the best of my ability, so not all scenes are matching the song meaning or lyrics, but I did work closely with the emotion of those moments instead. I hope it’s okay anyways!
I need to sleep, I think this is the first time I’m actually sick of looking at my screen after the never-ending installs and uninstalls… the long hours of waiting for the installations lol.
Music: Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar


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