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Duration: 12:05

Date: July 26, 2018

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Written, Voiced and Edited by Frank Furtado
Music by Epidemic Sound:

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The Black Keys appeared to come out of nowhere in 2010 with tracks like ‘Tighten Up’ and ‘Howlin’ For You’. Their album Brothers saw their blues rock sound appeal to larger audiences -- and finally! After nearly a decade and five albums later, it was well deserved and perhaps overdue.

The success of Brothers resulted in extensive touring and promo events, and the boys still delivered a quicker and catchier effort with El Camino just a short year later. Even with rock at quite possibly it’s lowest commercial state, The Black Keys released two smash albums at once. In 2014, the pair returned with Turn Blue, scoring their first ever No. 1 selling record. The group had spent so many years as an underground act, but when they finally achieved mainstream success and were quite possibly at the peak of their musical careers, they vanished. Which begs the question, what happened to The Black Keys?


Did The Black Keys Break Up? / Have The Black Keys split up? / Are The Black Keys broken up?
No, the Black Keys are still together, they’re on an indefinite break and say they’ll eventually return to creating music together again.

Are The Black Keys Working on a new album?
As far as we know, not yet.

Did The Black Keys ripoff or copy White Stripes?
No, they’re just both really into blues and garage rock.


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