Deck Problems and Tips on How to Solve Them

There are many problems behind the decking in your home. However, you can quickly solve them by following these tips.  


  1. Slippery Garden decking  

 Decking located near the garden will often get wet due to watering the plants. This will lead to bigger issues regarding safety because we all know that a slippery surface can easily be converted into an accident. To make sure you don’t encounter a slipping accident, you should do something about it.   

We cannot uproot your decking out of your garden area because that would be a huge task and a very costly one. However, you can always make an effort to treat your deck with an anti-slip stain. There are many anti-slip stains, but knowing this may eventually help you, choosing which anti-slip product is in your hands now.  

  1. Decking discoloration 

When your deck is starting to discolor or go black, it may be a bigger issue than you think. The blackening you see on your deck is an indication that you have fungi and moisture problems. When these two meets, blackening can occur. This sign leads to irreversible damage called rotting. This calls for an immediate repair to make sure the issue does not progress any further. To give you a chance to revive to prevent further damage to your decking, you can invest in stain treatments and oils. It has been proven to eliminate the black grime on your decking. Some also use a cleaner that is great at fighting off Mould as well as mild dew. To ensure that after you do the treating, the rotting issue doesn’t continue, invest in preservation products meant for wood.  

  1. Deck fading 

Once a wooden decking gets old, it can give off a natural sheen that captivates many. However, when the wooden decking ages, it also fades in color. This can mean that even if your deck gives off a nice sheen, it may not be as attractive color-wise. Yes, you have the option to leave the color issue alone, but if you want to stop the fading or prevent it from faster fading, make sure to invest in products that aim to restore the color and look of your decking. The product is available in many stores. However, you can be sure it helps get the job done because you have the needed active compound with any type or brand, which is oxalic acid. The compound is the one responsible for restoring your deck to looking brand new.  

  1. Dirty Deck 

A deck full of dirt and grime is simply inviting to various deck problems. Besides inviting rotting and mold growth problems, the deck will also be unappealing to anyone’s eyes. The only solution to a dirty deck is investing in cleaning. You can either grab your good old pail and brush to scrub the grime away or invest in a good pressure washing service.   

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