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Foals - Syrups [Official Lyric Video]

Foals - Syrups [Official Lyric Video]

Uploader: Foals

Duration: 5:29

Date: March 08, 2019

“Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” is out now:

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Wrap me up in goodbyes,
Old Sargasso sky

'cause im about to take flight
please don't ask me why

& if the devil wants me
tell him i got high.

cause life is what you make it
you got yrs & i got mine.

when the end comes my way
will i drop to my knees & pray?

& if my parents ask you
Tell them i'll be ok.

Now the robots have made the rounds, sand dunes fill up all our towns
The foxes howl & the creepers prowl around.

The peeling wet bricks of London town, the foxes howl & the way men cower
won't you find a way for me somehow,

So let's get dirt on an Oxford shirt, throw a party & hope we wont get hurt
see you frown through yr evening gown.

I tried to make a call to Heaven, phonelines cut back in '97
radio silence all the way down.

The robots make all the paper rounds & all the kids have left the towns
the foxes howl & the preachers bow down.